Starting in Auburn, CA, our rides will explore the historical gold mining towns and roads that the original 49ers took to find their golden treasures

Our three routes offer a perfect blend of historic gold mining towns, epic climbs, solitude-filled roads and incredible scenery. 

The ultimate challenge is our 140-mile route with over 16,000’ feet of climbing. 

Our 110-mile option will build up your cycling fitness while climbing over 13,000’. 

Our 80-mile option provides the noteworthy climbs found on the two longer routes but will keep your legs fresh while limiting the climbing to 9,700’.

All three routes start and finish at the Gold Country Fairgrounds.  Riders navigate through a blend of  quiet roads, challenging climbs, breath taking views and wind-in-your-face downhills while winding through the river canyons and mountain peaks of Placer County.